What is the Lehi School Community Council?

The Lehi Elementary Community Council is a group of people from the school community, faculty representatives, and the principal.  Our SCC chairperson and the principal have the responsibility to advise and make recommendations regarding the school and its programs. The Council assists in developing a school improvement plan, School Land Trust Plan, and student safe routing plan. Notices of meetings are provided in the annual calendar, in the newsletter, and on the SCC Blog. Agendas are posted on the front entryway. The public is always invited to these meetings. We value your input!

Community Council Members

Through the Teacher and Student Success Act (TSSA), the legislature will provide Alpine School District with approximately $11 million for the 2019-20 school year. The money is divided into three categories:
• 70% for school support
• 25% for teacher salaries
• 5% for teacher retention
The school support portion—approximately $8 million—helps support student social and emotional well-being as well as other aspects of ASD’s Vision for Learning.