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Lehi Elementary Lions

School History

Lehi Elementary was built in 1951.  It was celebrated as the newest school for the youngest of Lehi residents.  It also served as a bomb shelter for the citizens of Lehi. Supplies and rations were been stored in the basement for many years. Luckily, Lehi Elementary was never used as a bomb shelter.

Lehi Elementary has served for 65 years as a place for teachers and students to learn, love and become family.  Thanks to the dedication of eight principals, hundreds of teachers, and thousands of students Lehi Elementary has become a part of many families over the years.  Several of our teachers, grandparents and parents of our students call Lehi Elementary their alma mator. Recently, students have enjoyed many before and after school programs that have enriched the lives of the students.

Traditions are a major part of Lehi Elementary. Field day, The Christmas Sing, and The Dance Festival are all traditions that the Lehi Elementary family look forward to each year.  We look forward to seeing all of our parents, teachers, and students this year.