Dudes and Donuts

Kindergarten - Oct. 3
1st Grade - Nov. 13
2nd Grade - Dec. 5
3rd Grade - Jan. 9
4th Grade - Feb. 6
5th Grade - Mar. 13
6th Grade - Apr. 10

School Wide Writing Rubric

Look for the School Wide Writing Rubric on the homepage! You can access the rubric by clicking the lion icon at the bottom of the page.

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The How? How will we accomplish the big picture?

Effective Collaboration


The Why? The underlying principles that govern our work. We will focus on L.I.O.N.S
  • L = Learning is our Primary Aim
  • I = Individuals are the Focus
  • O = One Entity, United in Purpose
  • N = Non-negotiable in Curriculum
  • S = Stay the Course in Best Practices

Fall break is almost here!

Next week is fall break (Oct. 20th - 24th)
Parent conferences are going great. If you weren't able to attend on Wednesday (Oct. 12th), make sure you come on Thursday (Oct. 13th).


Learning At High Levels For All Students